Bong-hwang Cheonjong Red Ginseng Extraction


Bong-hwang Cheonjong Red Ginseng Extraction


Bong-hwang Cheonjong ginseng, known as the mystic elixir for more than 2,000 years, was developed through 27 years of research and registered for the first time in Korea.
After five years of growing new varieties of seeds, we developed a technology to augment and extract saponin (Jinsenoside) ingredients. Based on this technology, we developed bio-healthcare health foods with high absorption rate and high medicinal properties.
It is 100% pure product that is prepared by applying purified water to high quality Bonghwangchunjongsam root ginseng and then extracted by bio technology and contains the contents of Bonghwangchunsam.
It has outstanding effects such as improving immune function, improving fatigue, improving blood circulation, improving memory, and antioxidant action. It has good flavor, so it is convenient to drink. Regardless of intestinal bacteria, it is a high-end Bong-hwang Cheonjong ginseng product.

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